Series Prep

days-poster-image-june-2015Just a thumbnail poster design for the series, as production begins.

5yrs ago: Bluebird AR is a wrap

bbird-is-fiveWhat do 5 years equal in internet time? A long time ago. Good times though: L-R: Stamatia Maroupas, Gil Balfas, Michael Cormick, Sam Doust (Bluebird AR's Director)Here’s a recap of the story so far about a quarter in to the drama. Editors: Mark Taylor, with Davor Opacak.

Sphere and back again


Gallipoli the first day: Centenary Edition is available for iOS, Win, Android, Kindle.

You know you’re busy when…

2015 beckons

2015 beckons

The middle of Jan, which means quarter of a year between posts. Oh dear. Well one app and half a short film later, not to mention the hottest year on record just gone by and all the life that happens whilst making plans. It’s hot in Sydney, that’s for sure. 2014 needs another look in the rear view mirror.

Although it’s almost finished, the remastered edition of Gallipoli the first day won’t be realeased until much closer to the anniversary. Here’s a rough cut of the intro video…And one of the new dioramas…
It’s been a good project, both to go back and revisit the animation, writing, editing, UI and interaction, especially to apply the multitouch. And great to work with Soap Creative who have done a fine job with Unity.

It’s so good to be back

Junot Diaz's short stories illustrated by the great Jaime Hernandez.

Junot Diaz’s short stories illustrated by the great Jaime Hernandez at Gosh! Comics, Soho.

It’s a fleeting visit to London, but lovely to be back in the town I grew up in. When I was 12, comics were like religion. Almost every Saturday I’d be in town with paper delivery or window cleaning or whatever money, visiting Forbidden Planet and Gosh! comic shops. The series that really raised my heart rate was Love and Rockets. Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez were mysterious gods, not just because of the economy of their lines, but for the complex magical reality they crafted for their characters… So real and exotic to me that I looked for whatever glimmer of their likenesses I could find in the people around me for years to come!

Great model of London at the NLA, the centre for London's built environment

Great model of London at the NLA, the centre for London’s built environment

Visited two of the key WW1 exhibitions, the first at Morley College, which is a fascinating collection of ephemera, paintings, sketches, propaganda posters. And then the far more substantial, although not particularly coherent exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

Liss Fine Art collection at the Morley Gallery

Liss Fine Art collection at the Morley Gallery

german-prisoner-badges-960One thing that struck me as odd was the absence of J.G. Meyer’s The World Undone from the otherwise pretty comprehensive library of history books for sale… Not entirely sure why such a seminal history should be missing and assume it’s a political decision.books-ww1Meyer makes very clear the decisive, vital role of Australian and Canadian fighting forces and strategies in Entente/Allied victory. A very fine work and a glaring omission from the otherwise excellent book collection on offer.

Window display of a Soho textile shop.

Ominous window display of a Soho textile shop.

Top of the Rock, NY

From the top of the Rockefeller Center in New York

From the top of the Rockerfeller Centre in New York, the Top of the Town.


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